About Ranch Dreams

Ranch Dreams partners bring over 100 combined years of real estate experience involving development, management, and sales of Central Texas property.

Realizing the emerging trend of families wanting to move beyond city suburbs to desirable rural areas, the partners have been providing such residential homesites and recreational ranches for many years.

James C. Bohls, Rex D. Bohls, and Douglas D. Lewis have been in the business of developing large lot projects for custom homes and manufactured homes for decades. The real estate concern was started by James and Rex’s father, E.D. Bohls, in Austin in 1960. Doug joined Mr. Bohls Sr. in 1972, Rex came into the business in 1982 and James in 1992. The partners, along with Rex and James’s father before them, have a strong track record identifying desirable residential land locations in their market area, and then developing those properties to meet the needs of the market. They have concentrated primarily in the Austin, San Antonio, and Hill Country markets, focusing on developing large lot residential subdivisions and recreational ranches in the path of growth. To date, the partners have developed numerous subdivisions totaling more than 3,000 lots on approximately 14,000 acres.  In addition, to meet the demand for recreation acreage, the partners have presented top-shelf well located recreational ranches some of which are presented on this website.

Please take a moment and ‘point and click’ your way through the various prime recreational ranches covered and should you see a ranch, please let us know so we may be of assistance to you and your family. More and more people dream of living in a rural setting where they can savor the fresh air, enjoy wildlife, view the stars, and cherish the peace and tranquility leaving the city life behind as a distant memory. Come dream with us!